Profile: Anne Lethan Hansen

In a combination of expressive strokes and intuitive movements, my works come into play with the colors and hand in hand with the music that is so important for me to participate in the process.
Music is emotions, thoughts, memories and moods that begin my creative process. Both in body and soul.

My paintings are abstract, occasionally striking recognisability. They are made up of many layers that create life and depth, and which allow the viewer to look into the painting into the room.

I work with the contrasts in my works. It's bright against the dark, it's gentle to the raw. It is cold against the heat. It gives the images energy and dynamics, and often also creates a dramatic expression. I am looking for the calm and balance of the composition, such that the viewer is taken around and in the work, and again experiences new details and space.

Among other things, I have exhibited the following places:

Note, Copenhagen
Art Nordic 2017, Copenhagen
Gallery Blaa Prik, Snertinge
Morild, Nykøbing Zealand
Thermo Fischer Scientific, Roskilde
Gallery Swan
Tuse Næs Kunsthåndværk.
Gallery H, Rørholmsgade 6, KBH

In addition, I'm in the 2017 edition of the art book: 101 artists.

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