Profile: Anne-Marie Uhre

Is an autodidact artist with a good sense of the beautiful, aesthetic and harmonious painting. Expressions, colors and feelings are worked on hard, as the paintings gets life and soul.

I have always craved the creative, which I express and create through my paintings. I like to explore different styles, and love to combine the colors in every way possible. I love to think ahead, and put the newest fashion in my color choices.

I really like to express myself through my artistry, and constantly expand my horizons within art. I constantly try new combinations, new materials and new techniques. My pictures often consist of many layers, and I mainly paint with brush and putty, but generally I use everything that can attribute with liveliness and structure.

My pictures are often ambiguous, and can hide a motive or message. I rarely name my paintings, as I believe the viewer himself, should have the opportunity to find any hidden motives.




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