Profile: Anna Gade

My name is Anna Gade, born Anna Zieleskiewicz in 1981.
I am from the city of Nowogard in northern Poland and moved to Denmark in 2010 after meeting my Danish husband.

Graduated from the art academy in Lodz, where I was hit by especially Rothko and Kandinsky. They inspired me to challenge myself in relation to color combinations and express me in abstract perspectives.

When I start a work, it's like discovering a huge color universe. Paintings with nature motifs get a glimpse of mystery and dreams, because in an adventure world there are no limitations and I can express myself freely.

I have worked and exhibited with several professional and renowned Danish and Polish art painters, including Halina Pokorska and Edward Habdas.

Most works are acrylic on canvas, usually 80 x 60 cm. I use lasur and structural technology and rarely use black.

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