Profile: Annemette Højer Nielsen

My name is Annemette Hoier Nielsen, born in 1966, living in Sønderjylland near Haderslev, with my husband and 3 children.

From childhood I have followed my mother's creative abilities, attended courses at various artists.

For 2½ years I traveled around countries like Hawaii, USA, Mexico and Australia, where I painted and sketched, as well as attended art schools.

Then staying at Sønderjyllands Kunstakademi, Sønderborg, worked with painting and art.

The following graduate at the Danish Design School, Kolding, worked with design, colors and composition, which has benefited me from being able to unfold visually.

In my paintings, I work on composing colors, shapes and humor in such a way that they address the inner child and the recognition value of something that once existed, but actually exists, behind the facade of the technological world.

Mission: Tell a story that gets better for each time it is "read"

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