Profile: Charlotte Bruun

Charlotte Bruun Petersen

(born 1966) has since 2004 worked on visual arts, mostly abstract, but now and then also figuratively.

I have an immediate expressive approach when painting my works. They contain many layers, but also small feminine details, strong brush strokes and like graphic elements. I use a mixture of acrylic, bead, coal, paper, paper and serigraphic printing. My works are, to me, completed when there are depths, lovely structures and little surprises.

I am forever experimental and participate in courses on a regular basis. I have received tuition from among others:

Sussi Trampedach, København
Solvejg Refslund, Helnæs
Betina Lund Drescher, Kolding
Bitten Hansen, Hobro 2009
Verner Brems, Århus 2010



Kunstforeningen 3L Ludvigsen, Tommerup
Kunstforeningen Merrild Kaffe, Kolding
Kunstmessen Art in Mind Vejle
Kunstmessen Odense Congres Center 2005-2006
Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology
Boligcentret Vestjylland, Ringkøbing
Ringkøbing Lanbobank, Skjern
EHB, Horsens
Uddannelsescentret, Fredericia
VidenPark, Fredericia
Sydbank, Kolding Storcenter
Oticon, Thisted
KPMG, Århus
Kunstforeningen Fødevareregion, Lystrup okt. 2008
Galleri Art Expo 2008
Kolding Kommune Tekniske Forvaltning 2009
Sara Lee, Merrild Kaffe, Kolding 2009
Coop, Albertslund 2010
Galleri Korsbjerg, Middelfart 2010
Lanbocentrets Kunstforening, Odense 2010
Teknos, Vamdrup juni 2010
DPA Microphones, Allerød 2010

Boligcentret Vestjylland, Ringkøbing

Oase Outdoors, Give

Charlotte Bruun

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