Profile: Conny Bredahl

To paint is a passion for me. But it requires room for immersion, an immersion that I get best when I'm not in a habit.

I find inspiration by searching for artistic environments, and for warmer skies, where we live in the mountains, inspiring the magnificent nature, lined with fragrant flowers and spices, and learning the local people's different seats and customs.

I love the colors in the shadow, I love the contrast to the bright light, but especially the light and mood of the late afternoon hours. I paint emotions, love, anxiety, with special thought that the greatest happiness in a split second can be transformed into a painful accident. It concerns disease, disasters such as a tsunami, earthquake or terror.

With my paintings I would like to maintain star moments, or rather tell them to see them, enjoy them and live with them when they are there. If you can, you get the strength to cope with the hard times.

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