Profile: Eva Vig

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I love playing with the light in the pictures, and have very unpretentious compositions that bring clear colors into the home and create an upbeat atmosphere. The colorful works act as a welcome contrast to the subdued Nordic style, and with its distinctive color scheme promises space with warmth and light.

Eva Vig


Often I find my inspiration in nature and combine motifs and techniques with a playful palette of colors that hopefully convey a bubbly joy of life whether it be abstract compositions or acrylic paintings that go very close to flora and fauna.

I am self-taught and have been playing with drawing and painting all my life, however, it has taken more momentum from 2010, where I was given the opportunity to work more intensively with this. I am forever curious and constantly looking for new creative challenges, and have a desire to master many different techniques. This has meant that I have participated in an unlimited number of courses, and have also continued to give this to many who want to get started on painting.


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