Profile: Helen Kholin

Art is a great way to share thoughts because even when we are silent, the art continues to speak. A persons feelings are varied and changeable, so my pictures also are different. Sometimes they are about love, other times about anger, loneliness or finding of lifepath. Sometimes they are about family, about people we have lost or about people, we have not yet met.
My paintings are feelings, experiences, emotions; images or chaotic lines, bright or dark periods of life. They are individual. They are like people, each with its own character and history.

I participated in different Art Fairs and had exhibitions in countries such as Great Britain, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Monaco and Denmark. Some of my artworks were sold to private collections in countries like Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia.


Saint Petersburg, 1985
Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark


2016 Celebrating Time: 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective. Exhibition, installation and event "meet the artist", Nørrebrohallen, Copenhagen Denmark

2016 Solo exhibition at Gadens Galleri (Gadens galleri) Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 Open House with series: on Artists street Rørholmsgade, Copenhagen Denmark

2016 "Berlin Soup: mythology and fairytales" art festival, Athens, Greece

2016 3 Festdage for Maleriet, Musikhus Metronomen, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2016 “The tragic stories about future”, Soloexhibition. Artkemi gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2016 20x20 Visions common exhibition at Gadens Gallery (Gadens galleri) Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 "Påskeudstilling", "Easter Exhibition", Common exhibition in Artkemy gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2016 "Art sales weekend" in Rørholmsgade - artist street in Copenhagen

2016 Christmas Exhibition in Artkemi gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

2015 "Nutidskunst i øjenhøjde" i Kunstklubben. Report about contemporary art, at VerdensKulturCentret Copenhagen Denmark

2015 3 Festdage for Maleriet, Kulturhuset Tomsgårdsvej Copenhagen Denmark

2015 De Dødes Dag 2015 i VerdensKulturCentret Copenhagen Denmark, med interview af Radio24syv

2015 HelpingHands Kunstudstilling, Gallery Bohème Copenhagen Denmark

2015 bit4coins Bitcoin Photo Contest 2015

2015 Kulturnatten på Rørholmsgade, Common exhibition Artkemi gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2015 Exhibition with Sparekassen Kronjylland in Artkemi gallery Copenhagen Denmark

2015 Solo exhibition at Gadens Gallery (Gadens galleri) Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 "Kunst og musik! med interview af TV-Bella København", Artkemi gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2015 People and Bitcoins, Soloexhibition. Artkemi gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2015 Berlin Soup Common exhibition, Berlin Germany

2015 Bitcoin Funfair 2015. 14-15th. february Stockholm, Sweden

2015 soloudstilling i Bonnier Publications kunstforening, Copenhagen Denmark

2015 Artkemi Fødselsdags udstilling, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Treasures for the Future International Charity Event, in Kesteel Heeswijk, Netherlands

2014 The Art and Chemistry of Bitcoin, Artkemi gallery, Copencoin. Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Kulturnatten - Culture Night, Common exhibition, Artkemi gallery. Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Rotterdam International Art Fair, Netherlands

2014 20 års jubilæum på Rørholmsgade(the 20th anniversary of Rørholmsgade, Copenhagen Denmark

and private viewing of the group exhibition in Artkemi gallery.)

2014 Solo exhibition "Abstract life and the Pareto Principle"

2014 Berlin Soup may, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 "Electric body Showdown" Competition, Saatchi art

2014 "3 Festdage for Maleriet" ("3 feast days of painting") at KBH-Huset Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 "Art in musical may", Artkemi gallery on Rosengården, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Exhibition - Opening, Artkemi gallery on Rørholmsgade (artist street), Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Summer Exhibition at Galleria d’Arte, *****Vista Palace Hotel, Roquebrune Cap-Martin - France

2014 "Påskeudstilling" ("Easter Exhibition"), Common exhibition in Artkemy gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Charity auction led by Kasper Nielsen, Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of fine arts

(Danish - Indian Child Welfare - Dansk - Indisk Børnehjælp) Islandsbrygge, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Common exhibition "mARTs" in Artkemy gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Common exhibition "Spring Spirit" in Artkemy gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 "Kunst, Kemi, Kærlighed", Artkemi gallery, Denmark

2014 "in Glorious colors Showdown" Competition, Saatchi art

2014 Oxford International Art Fair at Oxford Town Hall. Oxford, United Kingdom

2014 "Chemistry of Art" ARTKEMI gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Cromatica, gallery MARZIA FROZEN, Berlin, Germany

2013 "Painted Faces Showdown" Competition, Saatchi art

2013 "Autumn Exhibition" - Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 “3 Festdage for Maleriet” ("3 feast days of painting") Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 “ Integreret kunst - 48 TIMER Festival” Denmark

2013 marts LondonArts exhibition "Easter" England

2013 Poster Competition “Kulturhavn” Denmark

2013 Solo exhibition "Love and Art", Words Culture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012 Solo exhibition "They live in the city" (Words Culture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 Common exhibition "New Names" (used old artist pseudonym - dobraja) Saint-Petersburg, Russia

1998 Common exhibition, Palace of Youth Creativity, Sankt-Peterburg, Rusland

Private collections:

Russia, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Slovenia kunstforeninger (art associations): Bonnier Publication, Sparekassen Kronjylland


Painting-performance, concert of Latin American band "III"
21 april 2013, in Copenhagen.

Cover design for music CDs:

Child of trance vol. 1, 2, 3 (compilation)
Dj Fam - Music is future
Dj Fam - Inspiration
Dj Fam & Melnikov
Marsbeing - Fantasy
Aksioma Project - I love you
Aksioma Project -
Aksioma project - Magnitosfera
Dj Aspirin - Spetial mix, Shatush
Kutsher and progressive - Lagoon
Omen - Angels Fly
Transgen - Different mutation
Tranceverter vol. 1,2, 3 (compilation)
Dj Tourist - Hard dance of the future
Van Belousoff - Love will find you
Trancepoint vol. 1 (compilation)
Transgen - Two-faced
Transgen - The next response
TrancePoint vol. 1, Vol 2 (compilation)
Andy Wolf - Welcome to the Future
Van Belousoff - Elixir of love

Exhibition catalogues:

Catalog 2013 "Kulturhavn plakatkonkurrence-deltagere 2013"
Exhibition Catalogue, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Cromatica. MARZIA FROZEN gallery, Berlin Germany, dec. 2013
Exhibition Catalogue Oxford international art fair. 7-9 Feb 2014
Exhibition Catalogue nr. 001-2014 "Chemistry of Art"
Exhibition Catalogue nr. 002-2014 "Kunst, Kemi Kærlighed"
Exhibition Catalogue nr. 004-2014 "Spring Spirit"

Other works in design:

Production and design of mugs
Logo design for Artkemi gallery
Logo desing for Helen Kholin
Outdoor advertising for Hairstylisten Copenhagen
Outdoor advertising for Artkemi gallery
Design and layout of catalogs, posters and business cards


2004-2006 made sketches for fireplaces and stoves
2006 - 2009 Graphic Designer (business cards, posters, catalogs, CD-DVD covers)
Since 2009 a full time painter
Since 2014 ARTKEMI gallery


1999 - courses in Ceramic
1999-2001 - Ikebana courses
2002-2006 National Open Institute of Russia "State and municipal management"
2005 Courses at art school "Decor"
2006 Courses "Design and layout of the PC at the Institute of Information

Social activity:

A volunteer in the Danish-Romanian project, 2013
Since 2013 member of the Association World Women in Denmark (Verdens Kvinder i Danmark)

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