Profile: Karina Thomas

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Poetic Romance and Sensuality - I often hear my art described. In my professional work, I have always worked with people - and perhaps also why today I mainly portray people.

My universe deals with the sensuality of the individual as well as the relationship. The intention is not to paint accurately or to explain why. It is about being touched by the emotions that arise.

I was born in 1970 and has my studio in the corner of the garage in Frederikssund. I am self-taught visual artist inspired by several contemporary contemporary artists such as the English artist Andrew Salgado and the South African artist Lionel Smit.

Drawing and painting is meditation for the soul - That's why I started painting at the time. Working as HR Advisor in a major Danish international company is often demanding and there is a need for a contradiction. A place where I can unplug, drop the thriller and get recharged. The meditative state I come in when I'm in flow with brushes and canvas creates for me the balance and tranquility of a hectic everyday life.

I prefer to work with acrylic on canvas, but also with watercolor on paper. The color selection ranges widely, ranging from the strong contrasts to the more delicate shades of the watercolors. I'm probably best known for my modern figurative paintings and portraits, my use of strong colors and expressions of intense emotion and sensuality. I paint intuitively and often without a prior plan or intention.

I exhibit in most of Denmark, and have recently been featured in galleries in North Jutland and at the Visual Attack Gallery in Copenhagen. I'm burning to come out with my art. Enjoy attending exhibitions and fairs and not least hearing the many beautiful comments when people get affected by the feelings that my works bring in them. In 2016, one of my paintings got the "blue brand" recognition of the 5 censors at the Spring Exhibition of Amateur Artists.

My wish is that my images leave the viewer touched by a mood and desire to immerse.



Kunst i Hasseris, September 2018

Galleri Tornby, August/September 2018

Galleri Juel Verland Ard, Andersen Boutique Hotel, April/Maj 2018

Galleri Visual Attack

Forårsudstilling - Fjends Kunstforening

Forårsudstilling Galleri Gyllegaard - Ålbæk

Kunst på Musicon - Roskilde

Langes Magasin - Frederikssund

Metalskolen Jørlunde, Fjordkunst

Elværket Frederikssund

"Lokale Kunstnere" Furresø Kunstforening, Farum Kulturhus

Kvinder & Kunst, Frederiksborg Centret, Hillerød

Galleri Vognporten, Mariager Museum

Fjordkunst Fællesudstilling, Kulturhuset Østersvej 4, Frederikssund

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