Profile: Kimo Madsen

Abstract expressionism expressed through musical visualization.

Works that illustrate the feelings, impressions and inspiration I experience through music is probably the best way to describe my painting process.

Music has always been a huge part of my life, where I, in my youth, played drums in various bands, and fooled around on guitar and bass, on a more intermediate level.

I love music ... and very different music. I listen to everything from classic works to pop / rock and hard metal. All genres each have their beauty, strengths and individual inspiration on me.

When I started painting, I quickly realized that music was my great inspiration. When I stand in front of the empty blank canvas in a quiet room, nothing happens. It's like looking down into the dark abyss where fear and doubt of ones own abilities begin to root itself.

But as soon as I put a piece of music on, the colors, the motives, the organic shapes and the interaction between the tones and shades in my mind explode, so that I can hardly wait to get color on the blank canvas.

In a combination of fast brush strokes, slow controlled movements, paint that hurls unpredictably through the air and up on the canvas, almost like a conductor, I paint the musical works I listen to, in the way they play for my inner eye.

I believe true art comes, when you dare to let go, and let yourself get carried away. At times, it's as though the music is painting through me, and I'm just a tool in the unfolding between tones and color. When you dare to let go of fear, one paints from the heart.

My hope is that my art can create a space where joy is released, worries disappear, thoughts begin to wander and where imagination is allowed to take over, so color, shape and texture are given free play to unfold individually at the viewer.

- A couple of my favorite quotes that I try to paint after:

Art is art. Everything else is everything else - Ad Reinhardt

To me, art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risk - Mark Rothko

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