Profile: Line Højmann

My works are usually abstract.

They are all about the landscape - the outer and inner landscape.
Vertical and horizontal lines from the physical landscape we are surrounded by and the innermost lands of thousands of memories and images from a bygone era. In constant motion.

Impressions are intuitively transformed into colorful and graphical narratives - a visual desire for the palette's infinite color combinations - to bend the color to a variety of untouched shades, where as screaming and floral tones dance in a pace and even on the canvas.
The eye directs the route - Traces are erased - The heart marks - New roads arise.

I paint the view from the MIT window - nature, the unique room we are all surrounded by. I am fascinated by nature's beautifulness, its powers, the fact that we are surrounded by something we do not even have control over / can control. That we can only see as far as the eye reaches. I see painting and nature as an inexhaustible source. The endless prospects of capturing all life.

My interpretations may have a touch of childhood. They draw traces of childhood world, play in their form with giant raindrops, crying eyes, triangular mountain peaks and shadows that fall under the principles of chance - compositions that spark the imagination and our inner child.

I'm attracted to the dualities of life - interaction / opposition - light / shadow -the ugly / beautiful and joy / pain, etc.

My paintings are a sensual color symphony, where the composition often has recognizable lines, patterns and shapes from the landscape.

The intention is to send the viewer to the space of this freedom, wherever I am, when I am in the creative process - a journey beyond time and place where the viewer finds himself.

Fragments of landscape. Coloristic. Dreamy in their form. Fluid brush strokes meet the precision of tightness. The challenge to create peace in this tension between affection and wildness, so works live.

• Autodidact artist - 1973
• I'm in the 2017 edition of the book 101 artists
• I teach children and young people in visual arts
• I have exhibited in a wide range of companies and galleries in DK since 2003
• I have exhibited in Basel, May 2018
• I carry out a booking job, just go to !!
• I have performed various illustrations - book cover, articles, logo, posters

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