Profile: Lise Balle

Lise Balle, autodidact visual artist who has painted since 1998.
Painting expressionistically, however, with a recognizable nature.
The images are very powerful in terms and color choices.

The motives are not determined in advance - it is the time and brushes that start the whole process. Everything is chaos with a multitude of colors on the canvas, and at one point the image itself takes over and shows its face. The process is tough in chaos, even a night's sleep can be disturbed. But when the subject shows its cool expression nothing can be stopped - it's worth painting.
Faces appear and often with a humorous expression and the hats industry can find inspiration here.


• Relaxation teacher
• Autodidact visual artist
• Year course 1998 painting, ceramics, graphics in Spinderihallene, Vejle
• Teaching of visual artist Pia Brix Thomsen
• - - - Lene Juhler
• - - - Jess Schrøder
• Course Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts
• Continuously participates in collaboration with 12 image artists
• Has a joint studio with 2 other artists
• Artist community with



Hi-Fi Gallery i Horsens
Lindøværfet i Odense
Odense Sygehus afd. R2
Spinderihallerne for Y`mens club årets plakatkunstner 2005 og 2007
Vejle Golf Club
BG Bank,
Spinderihallerne særudstilling
Gumlink – Vejle, juni
Vitus Bering Instituttet Horsens
DONG A/S Vejen, November,
Rambøll Horsens
Danske Bank
Ålborg Kommune
Fionia Bank Odense
Årets kalendermotiv Fionia Bank 2008
Vejle Bibliotek
Tørring-Uldum Censurereret udstilling med 2 værker
TV Syd
SFK Kolding
Vejle Amts Folkeblad
Galleri Wihrs, Vejle
Løbende udstilling Atelier Øjeblik, Vejle
Lego Billund
VIA University College – Vitus Bering Danmark,Horsens

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