Profile: Louise Hjorth Jespersen

The background is the School of Architecture and many years of work with design and graphics.

I have interpreted the wishes and needs and translated them into clear aesthetic function focused around telling the right story with the right messages.

As an artist, the task and the challenge is different. Here I give room for the intuitive, the random and the non-intellectual. Here I have something else to give and something else to learn.

I paint expressively and experimentally. Each motive is a situation in life that explores and acquires expression and space. The idea defines composition and colors, but often a struggle arises between means from the design world and the expressive forces that require the breakage of graphic dogmas to live.

It triggers overcoats, layers and impulsively frustrated brush strokes that ultimately provide the balance between graphic expression, quivering intensity and emotional satiety that determines that the painting is finished.



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