Profile: Malgorzata Alicja Pedersen

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My name is Malgorzata Alicja Pedersen.

I am a graduate architect and have worked 25 years at one of the larger Aarhusian drawing rooms. Here I worked mostly with the outline and free hand drawing of thousands of perspectives, facade compositions, etc.

I've always wanted to draw and paint. However, my creativity unfolds best when I paint colorful and expressive images, where I enjoy the freedom of expression and experiment with the artistic language.

I paint figurative and abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas.
In both, the mood for me is the most important.
I use different painting techniques to give the painting character, fabricity and to embellish them with a mood. When I paint layers on layers, several plans build with the combination of colors and the contrast between light and shadow, I feel that I move into the picture. I would like to take others on this walk through the painting.

Each painting has its own story. I mainly get inspiration from my many journeys and not least from nature. Its infinite wealth and composition never ceases to fascinate and surprise me!

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