Profile: Niels Steen Sørensen

My image world.

I am trying to portray a very special world, where I, as a captain, take me out in partly unknown waters. Trying to read when my actions are correct and when wrong. Ready to capture each character that fits in, ready for sudden course changes to control the painting in a safe haven. A temperamental, color intensity at times anxiously distorting the boundary between my surroundings and me.

Images are created when you are on.

Had last fall (2011) a fantastic experience:

Benjamin Koppel, Alex Riel et al., Lifted me into a world where new rules or rules apply where I felt the power of images and all other creative produce - I felt happy, strong, and very inspired. It was a situation far above all talk of craftsmanship -
Here were the strong, legendary spirits who set the agenda. I was tall even more days later.

My world is real and unreal.
In some pictures I am inside myself and look around.
In others it is:
The fear I can feel in the dark, if anything goes in the door,
the joy I can feel like being.
The fascination of creating one's own universe is unknown by others and walking around it.

To be in a bull and storm with / against the world.

Taurus: This creature has fascinated me all the days. It exudes strength, speed, agility, courage, but is not the wisest of the world.

I oppose the Spanish form of bullfighting and, on the other hand, deeply imprisoned by the South French, where sports-minded young men in the arena try to make a ring of bull's horn. It does not suffer, can unfold all its talents at great risk to the young people who have chosen to participate.

Like a boxing match, I can safely observe the dangerous leg, live me into the dare, experience the blood of the white rastateur. The bull has been produced as human / bull - Minotaurus, who receives in the meaningless sacrifice of youth - a wildly dangerous and unpredictable animal to meet in nature - radiates stupid, muscle-vulgar, male sexuality, wrestles sparkling, and whips aggressively dust.
And then I have a windy night in Tannumshede, Sweden, had a fantastic experience of a toned copy of the breed.

The bulls of the cellars became almost alive this night, where I had a timelong contact with urp. "
I draw and paint because I'm well aware, except that it often takes a lot of overcome to get started. Well, because the process often involves great choices.
My head is often filled with new pictures and it can make me absent. It tries my wife to live with.



KP (kunstnernes Påskeudstilling, Århus) i 1978 og 1979
Lemvig Museum, - Kulturstedet Gimsinghoved i Struer, - Odense rådhus - Musikhuset Lemvig , - Södertälje, Sverige - Vestjyllands Højskole , - “Inter” Holstebro, -Skolernes kunstforening I Viborg og Ringkøbing, - Sommerudstillingen I Holstebro, Holstebrohallens galleri, Filosofgangen Odense Påsken 86, - Galleri Norden struer , - Galleri havhuset I Udbyhøj, Galleri Steen I Esbjerg, - Jens Nielsen og Olivia Holm-Møller Museet I Holstebro, - Teamteatret I herning, Thisted rådhus, Heltborg Museum, Galleri Kunstcentrum I Silkeborg, Djursland Kunstgalleri, mf.

1992 . Galleri Norden. 60 akvareller fra vandretur i Himalaya.

1995 Kunst- og kulturstedet Gimsinghoved, Struer

2007 Nørre Nisum Seminarums s 100 års fødselsdag.

2009 -2011:
Galleri Anna Bjerre, - Bovbjerg Fyr, - Thyholm kunstforening, - Gøgsig Pakhus - Nordsjællands konferencecenter, - Vinderup Rådhus, - Struer kommune, -Gimsinghoved - Holstebro uddannelsescenter, - Helligåndshuset, Strøget, København - Galleri i Tisvilde - Gallerie Far-eastside på Østerbro - Det nye Kastet, thisted.

Heltborg Museum 31.marts - 29.april, Galleri "Kunstcentrum" Silkeborg fra 1.feb og 1.oktober 2012. Skævinge kunstforening slutningen af Maj, Helligåndshuset 13.aug til 19. aug., Djursland Kunstgalleri oktober. Vejen Kunstforening november december.

Censurerede udstillinger:
Forår 85, Herning -
Kunstforeningen Limfjordens udstilling mange gange, sidst 2007,
Fungeret som censor ved denne udstilling I 1979, -
KP (kunstnernes Påskeudstilling) Århus 1978 og 1979, -

Sold to:

Revisionsfirmaet Krøyer Pedersen, Struer, - Vejen Kommune - Struer Kommune, Upernavik Kommune, Odénse Kommune, Odense Universitetshospital, Firmaet Hans Jørgensen og søn, Andelsforeningen Højstrup, Socialinstitutionernes kunstforening, Odense, - Södertälje Kommune, 1985, Adidas, Superfoss, Århus amtskommune, Ceminova, - Hvidbjerg Bank, Scania, Randers, - B&O, Semco, Grenå Kommune, DSB, Dronning Margrethe, Vinderup Kunstforening, Holstebro tekniske skole, m.fl. 

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