Profile: Peter Fuglsang

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I get inspired and intrigued by an expression, radiance, smile, one or more wrinkles or a telling posture. Man's strength, weakness, passion and life story captivate me and I seek to convey that in my art.

I like to work in series where I start with a defined theme where I am concerned with capturing the seeker and what we think we find - fantasies, lived dreams, inner ideas - human complexity and complexity. I find that my paintings speak to many people.

My name is Peter Fuglsang. I am 57 years old and I am self-taught visual artist and live in Holbæk, where I have my studio.
I have been painting for many years and since the beginning of my work, I have had a special love for faces and the human figure.
I only paint with good quality oil paint on clamped canvas.


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