Profile: Rikke Boisen

Autodidact visual artist, married and mother of 3 lovely herbs.

I started painting in 2010, before I had drawn portraits for a good 7 years. After a longer course of illness, I took my brushes to get a little away from everyday life. Suddenly I was drawn into this amazing world filled with beautiful colors, shapes and figures.

I could express who I was on the canvas, my feelings, and sometimes humorous humor. I found my very own style, with lots of colors and funny motives - it made me happy to paint these mood bombs.

I have always been a little my own. In primary school I was also the one who entertained the others with my peculiar / fun action, smile and laughter.

2012 was a great year, my art was first published to others and I was taken fantastically in courage, in fact, above all expectations. Imagine that others were so fond of what I was doing, the messages rolled in, letting them smile on their lips. Disease-affected people with cancer & depression wrote to me that they daily came across my side to smile their lips in their otherwise gray everyday life. I feel honored to help make others happy, it is by itself huge.

Thanks :)

Rikke Boisen

But the end would not go there, in 2012, I will also win painting at the artist club twice a month and will participate in this year's 2013 prize (2013). Fantastic :)

My works are like my little children, they are part of me, my thoughts, feelings - a painting is a long process. Before they are reflected on the canvas, they have been through a longer process of thinking, down to the smallest detail. Therefore, it also takes me very hard when I see that others are even copying my works. In my view, it is very disrespectful that you do not respect the copyright that is made for artists to protect their works.

I do not think there should be rules and guidelines in art. If you really feel what you're getting from the heart, it's already a masterpiece. There is nothing more rewarding than experimenting with colors, shapes and figures. Take a step back when you're done and have a sense of artistic accomplishment.

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