Profile: Rikke Ryge

My name is Rikke Ryge Petersen and I am 39 years old. I live in Silkeborg. I am a trained teacher - including visual arts teacher - and have always loved expressing me visually.

I am attracted to pictures, photos and exciting expressions. I have always done that.

I find inspiration for my paintings by looking around - I am focused on shapes, colors, strokes, structure and their interactions.
I work with many layers in my pictures. Primarily, I work with acrylic paints in different thicknesses, oil crayons, tusks, text transfer or other, and a rare occurrence of serigraphic pressures.

Life is full of contrasts. I would like to address them:

- rough versus fine,
- simple versus advanced
- bright versus dark,
- strong colors versus light colors,
- wide uncontrolled strokes versus thinly controlled lines,
- sharp edges versus flowing transitions, etc.

The contrasts are reflected in my pictures, and there is a variation between dynamic and calm surfaces. 


Rikke Ryge

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