Profile: Ruth Christiansen

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My name is Ruth Christiansen, and I started painting in 2009, and it's close to being the best thing that has happened in my life. After being on the labor market, I was thinking a lot about what I could deal with, something that I really could get into.

As a child and young person, I painted and painted a lot. I thought, therefore, that it could be something to reconsider.

I therefore signed up for a painting course at Lieselotte Skov-Petersen in Lyngå. Later I have attended a course at Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts and FOF.

I do not paint any particular style. But driven by my innate curiosity, I try a little of each to see what happens.

The colors and shapes determine what comes from it.

When I start a new white canvas, I do not know what I want to paint beforehand. As time goes by, the canvas is filled with more and more layers of paint.

Suddenly something appears on the canvas. It can be a figure or something recognizable from nature or the like. I then work on the expression in what I see until I'm satisfied and think it's done.

To paint is therapy for me, and I prefer to paint every day.

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