Profile: Tina Traberg

My collages are made on canvases, where I am gluing paper, photos and other materials.
Painted with acrylic and gives it all a coat once.
I'm inspired by fun motifs, beautiful photographs, old ladybeds, colors and effects. This becomes a mix of lean and fancy stories and interpretations. It must be crazy .... and wild. Greasy, fresh and colorful collages.

I have been doing visual art since 2011. Working as a nurse daily. Living north of Copenhagen, but originally from Sønderjylland

Kind, cool and savvy collages - by Tom Jørgensen
Editor of Kunstavisen, bachelor of art history and art critic at Jyllandsposten.

The best thing about Tina Traberg's collages is that they do not finish them. There are always new details that break out. New motifs that appeal to. In many ways, her images resemble the city's many walled walls, where layers of graffiti, torn posters and soda from thousands of cars form their own complex pattern and micro world.

The difference is just that this is Tina Traberg alone who chooses and interferes with the diversity of visual impressions. Visual impressions, which can be found in women's magazines, magazines, magazines, cartoons, illustrated books and anywhere, she can now find her motives.
The source material is enormous and by nature inexhaustible.

However, it is not just the diversity of motifs that make Tina Traberg's pictures so exciting to consider. It is just as much the mood of the picture that makes it interesting. Unlike many other artists whose images are similar to each other, each of Tina Traberg's collages has their very own mood. In one we see a complex story told with a woman's eyes and from a woman's world of experience. In another we are in a pure masculine universe full of boyhood dreams, fix cars, motorcycles and soccer players.

In one collage, heavy sensual red shades dominate in the other unintentional black colors. The pictures are packed with big and understated dramas, with subtle hints, full blood eroticism, vulnerability, grace and powerful manhood. It is truly a rich palette that Tina Traberg can offer, both literally and transposed.
It would be strange if you did not find one of her own strings swinging with her own musicality among her pictures.

There is simply something for everyone in Tina Traberg's image universe.



Diakonissestiftelsens hospice Frederiksberg : Marts 2012

Den Censurerede Næstved-udstilling : 15. sept-14. oktober 2012

Herlev Hospitals medarbejder udstilling : Nov-dec 2012

Hillerød Censurerede Forårsudstilling

Frederiksborgcentret : 8. marts-10 marts 2013

Hillerød Censurerede Forårsudstilling
Fortsættelse på Annaborg, Hillerød : 14. marts- 1. april 2013

Med i det årlige opslagsværk
101 kunstnere 2013
af Tom Jørgensen : 2013

Udstilling i Art Danmark
"Gallerierne Hillerød" September 2013

Åbning af atelier-galleri-showroom
Kohavevej 3c 2950 Vedbæk : 1. januar 2014

Kommende udstilling:
Art Nordic 2017 Lokomotiv værkstedet 28. -30. april

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