Profile: Valdemar

Valdemar is described by art critic at Kunstavisen in Denmark, Tom Jørgensen;

It's at once scary fascinating and very romantic paintings.
Paintings that show an artist who is aware of humanity's penchant with the natural forces, even in our high-tech era. There are paintings you feel rejuvenated by. There is juice and power in those who seem infectious, even on a cloudy November day in Denmark.
That one can feel such a tedious month in our country is perhaps the best tribute to Valdemar's image world.

Valdemar about himself:

I paint what you call natural abstraction.

To me, our beautiful nature is a huge color explosion, it is reflected in some powerful, colorful but also very ongoing images, images to be used with caution and consideration, as otherwise they will easily dominate everything else.

In my pictures lies hidden in the image, many different nature creatures, people, animals and fish, all of which can be experienced by the open viewer.

I call my pictures for experience pictures because you want to have a new experience every day, see something new according to your own mood and mood.

After more than 30 years as active in the art arena, I have gradually fought with a resume that is ever.

In the following, I will briefly describe what I have primarily taken care of.

I have had my own gallery for 22 years.

Exhibits and sells only through other galleries.

Has in the 90s participated in censored exhibitions.

Has participated in many art shows in Denmark and abroad.

Has exhibited and sold to private, art associations and companies at home and abroad.

I am a member of the Danish Visual Arts Association.

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